Jubilee Line Extension Project

Hitek Consultants Ltd were commissioned to oversee contractor submissions for the ventilation and control systems for the public and non-public areas and the tunnel ventilation systems on behalf of LUL/JLEP.

Our involvement was extended to include the on-site commissioning of the controls systems and the fire alarms to achieve re scheduled programme dates.

Hitek were also commissioned on a long term basis to inspect the works on site in a clerk of works capacity direct to the Jubilee Line Extension Project for the controls systems.

The project comprised new and extended London Underground stations to the Jubilee Line to take it to Stratford via London Bridge and South of the River Thames through the sand and marsh areas of South London.

The ventilation system comprises approximately 98 supply and extract air handling units with heat reclaim run round systems, and general area extract systems. There are numerous train control and safety equipment rooms requiring close control air conditioning and particulate filtration.

The tunnel ventilation system comprises positive action control logic basis on averaging principles with 56 direct on line starting fans of up to 165KW running loads. All systems are controlled by programmable logic controllers with alarm status monitoring via a central data and warning (SCADA) system at the control centre, Neasden.

Jubilee Line Extension
Jubilee Line Extension
Jubilee Line Extension